Deferred Compensation for Attorneys exclusively from Settlement Professionals, Inc.

Too Many Attorneys Don’t Make Adequate Plans for Their Financial Future. 

Case in Point –

Deferred Compensation: To Fee or Not to Fee?

Want to learn more about deferred compensation? Deferring, or structuring part of your fees to beef up your pension and retirement planning, can be a smart move. Especially, if you choose the right people to help you do it.

Settlement Capital Advisors founded  by Jack Meligan, offers an excellent option for trial attorneys wanting to defer some of their compensation.

When you schedule a no-obligation phone consult, they will send you a comprehensive 40-page white paper. This white paper contains everything you and your tax advisors need to know about this powerful retirement strategy.

Specifically, Please Note – This Trial Lawyer’s Executive Deferred Compensation Plan is available only to attorney members of your firm, and available exclusively from Settlement Capital Advisors.

To find out more, and schedule your no-obligation phone consult, call us at 503-699-0018You can also email us at

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